Are Homecoming and Prom Worth Attending?


Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

Homecoming and prom are popular among pop culture movies and set expectations for these events in real life. However, the way adolescents react in reality and movies is shockingly similar. “Part of me says just go and get over it. The other part of me says it’s a stupid tradition and what’s the point?” said Andrea Walsh, Molly Ringwald’s character in the iconic 80’s film Pretty in Pink, about attending her senior prom. Surprisingly, many seniors seem to share her dilemma regarding prom, and this indecisiveness is also apparent among students considering attending homecoming.

According to senior Danielle Taylor, homecoming gives students a chance to feel comfortable and dance. “It’s worth it even if you don’t have a date because you get to see people and bond with people that you (usually) wouldn’t.”  As for her dress, Taylor could care less about what other people think. “It’s important for you to like the dress,” she says.

Prom and homecoming differ in many ways. All students can go to homecoming whereas prom is exclusive for juniors and seniors. Tickets for homecoming range from thirty to forty five dollars while prom tickets typically run over a hundred dollars since the event is held at the Boca Resort & Hotel. Although senior Thomas Chmielewski did not go to his junior prom he definitely plans on appearing at his senior prom. “This is the last one and it’s at the Boca Hotel so I think it’s definitely worth going to,” he says. Chmielewski regards prom as “The Big Event” but still enjoys homecoming since “you get to dance a lot.”

As someone who went to last year’s homecoming, I can attest that part of the fun is dressing up for the event-at least for the girls. Homecoming is the perfect opportunity to let go of all the academic stress from previous weeks, after all, sometimes the best remedy for a headache ensued by homework is to hang out with your friends. Also, however traditional the photo booth and pizza may seem, they are part of the high school experience, and I must admit, enjoyable.

So for all the people who can’t seem to make up their minds on whether or not to attend either event, I shall refer to Andrea’s boss’s response in Pretty in Pink, “Don’t over analyze it. Just go.” We are sometimes so busy making up excuses to not go that we overlook the most obvious reason to go- because we have the opportunity to attend.

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