Thou Shall Not Enter…Into the Pep Rally

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Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

Entrance to Boca High pep rallies is now considered a privilege that students must earn throughout the quarter. However, the method for obtaining the ticket tends to change each marking period.  Absences, referrals, dress out spirit week tickets, and a 3.5 GPA are the most recent requirements set by administration to view the pep rally.

“I think limiting the number of absences for students (to attend the pep rally) is the best method because it motivates students to go to school,” said sophomore Chelsea Hester.

This serves to benefit students as well as administration, since skip days are ruled out as an option and students don’t have to worry about the accumulation of a mountain of makeup work.

In the case of junior Amanda Jacobs absences seem to be an unfair method due to the fact that “leaving school early for an emergency can count against you,” thus precluding your appearance at the pep rally.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion in regards to the “fairest” parameter for pep rally admissions. However, a common favorite among the student body seems to be the dress out tickets since every student receives an equal chance to gain admittance to the event. Also they encourage people to be outgoing and demonstrate school spirit which is always appreciated by the performers in the pep rally.

As for the prerequisite of no referrals and certain GPA, although understood by students, they are not fondly regarded requirements since one mistake can result in missing out on the highlight event of homecoming week.

“Merit- based is the fairest method, the next requirement will be honor roll. We want students to learn the life lesson that one must earn the privilege and it’s not based on luck,” said Dr. McKee.

From the powderpuff performances to the challenges set between teams, the pep rally is not an event students can afford to miss. After all, you don’t want to be listening to your friend’s recap of the step team’s routine for the fifth time when you’ve seen it on the live stream under the watchful gaze of your teacher.  Despite the controversy surrounding the admission methods it is safe to say the majority of students will still aim to meet them in order to experience the pep rally first hand.