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New Oscars Category

Story by Katie Lennon

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Due to popular demands, the Oscars decided to add a new category to their awards: Best Popular Film. This decision caused a lot of commotion in the film industry, and many people had very strong opinions on the new edition, most of them being negative. This extreme reaction resulted in the Oscars retracting their decision.

The Oscars has not added a new category since 2001, when they added Best Animated Feature. The idea of adding this new category was to draw in more casual viewers since the number of views the Oscars received drastically decreased last year. It went from an average of 30 million viewers down to 26.5 million viewers. This was the first time the Oscars had had less than 30 million viewers since 2008. This past year, the show also ran for over four hours, the longest show in over a decade. So in 2019, they are also trying to shorten the special to three hours. This will cause some awards to not be broadcasted, and rather given out during a commercial break. Although they have not stated which awards they will not present yet, many people predict that the awards regarding the technical aspects, such as costumes will be the ones shown during a commercial break. They will also most likely not air the awards of foreign film and short film. This is because these are the smaller awards that most people usually tune out for anyway

“It is disrespectful to the people who put all this work in  and had this as their life work, they aren’t going to get recognized,” said Zach Klein, a junior at Boca High.

The main concern with the new category was the problem that although films may be popular, they are not films that deserve the top awards. Just because a lot of people went to go watch a movie, it does not mean it is an artistic achievement. This, of course, was a lot of people’s problem with the new category. As a result of this, they decided to revoke Best Popular Film as a potential award after announcing it approximately one month ago.

However, the film industry has not completely scrapped the idea quite yet. They are saying that because of the wide range of reactions, the idea of this new category will go into further discussion with members to make a final decision.

“I felt it was just a way to give movies that didn’t fit into the criteria of the ‘made to win an Oscar, it was just kind of a way to throw them into a different category,” Klein said.

They are, however, still shortening the broadcast down and awards will still be given during commercial breaks, but they have still not said which ones.

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