Disney .vs. Universal


Story by Victoria Fondeur, Staff Writer

The feud between Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios has been going on forever. Universal Studios has everything from The Simpsons to Harry Potter, Magic Kingdom, on the other hand, has everything from “It’s a Small World” to “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.” With both having huge fanbases, it’s hard to choose which is better.


Universal Studios offers a variety of rides. They have amazing thrill rides, like  “Harry Potter and The Escape from Gringotts”, and “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit,” which is one of the most popular attractions, going as fast as 65 mph. Riders can listen to a variety of songs while taking that first death-defying drop. 


Disney’s Magic Kingdom has rides throughout the park, many of which tell a story, whether it is from a movie or an inspirational message. Rides such as, “It’s a Small World”  promote world peace; as riders move through the countries of the world and see all the people of the world living in harmony. However, there are only a few thrill rides like, “Space Mountain” and “Big Thunder Mountain.”


Both Disney and Universal have many restaurants, but the most preferred are mainly the quick service dining options so tourists can eat and get back to the action fast. Universal has dining options for everybody’s taste: there is barbecue, Italian, Mexican and so much more. A popular one is “Universal Studios Classic Monster Cafe” because they have big portions that can be shared with friends.


Disney has many restaurants all around the park like, “Pecos Bill” and “Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.” Disney restaurants don’t offer big portions like Universal; however, I think the quality of Disney’s food is better overall.


Both parks have many shows and parades to enjoy all day long. “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” is a laser show featuring music and scenes from a variety of their most popular movies like; Jurassic World and Despicable Me.


In my eyes, nothing beats Disney World’s live shows because there is a “magic”  factor to all of their performances. The nighttime show “Happily Ever After,” projects beautiful scenes onto Cinderella’s castle while playing some of Disney’s most beloved songs. The icing on the cake is the amazing fireworks display at the end of the night.


Both Disney and Universal appeal to very different tastes. Disney is sweet and nostalgic, but Universal is high energy and exciting. Universal is much smaller and you can pretty much explore the whole park in one day, but there is no way you can do or see everything at Magic Kingdom in one day. Every time I go back there, I have a new experience. You can visit over and over again and never get tired of going. For this reason alone, Disney is much better than Universal. 


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(Photo on the left provided by Maria Casteneda)