The importance of the arts in schools

Story by Elena Rivera, Staff Writer

             The arts have always been a staple in high school life along with academics, but are they important? Musical theatre, drama, chorus, and art are just some of the fine arts classes that are offered at Boca High.But despite the many arts-focused classes available here, there is not as much emphasis is placed on the arts and how much importance they have in schools.

             Arts are often seen as secondary to STEM classes and sports, which can be seen even in the funding difference between them. These classes and sports are often seen as an important part of high school due to the many lucrative careers attached to them. The arts, on the other hand, are not.

            “My mom originally was not very happy about me pursuing a career in art she always wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer,” said junior Avah Reed. “My mom is now more open to the idea because she sees how passionate I am and how much research I’ve done for pursuing a career in art.”

            However, the arts are important because they give students the opportunity to exercise their creativity and can provide an outlet for the stresses of school. The arts also often promote team work and team building, which can be useful skills for future jobs. They can also teach students about how to handle failure and how to receive constructive criticism effectively. Most students involved in the arts also are excited about what they are learning. Their interest in the class helps them to learn because they enjoy learning, and not because they have to for a grade.

           “I think that the arts are important as they can build team building, they can introduce people to different cultures, and I feel like they provide a much needed break in the long day,” said senior Zach Klein.

            The arts can also bolster critical thinking skills, which can help students in other classes or in future occupations. Arts programs also are able to provide a challenge for students at all skill levels, and is often not especially limited by a curriculum. By having a more flexible learning environment, students are often able to focus on projects that they would like to personally excel in or have a particular interest towards. Many studies also support the use of the arts because it has been shown to increase happiness, creativity, and even math scores.

            In comparison to other subjects more widely viewed as important, such as math or science, the arts do not lose their level of importance. The arts are just as important in schools as other subjects and students should be encouraged more often to pursue careers in the arts if they decide.

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