Save a Dog Save Yourself


Story by Saige Levine, staff writer

Have you ever found yourself unable or unwilling to get out of bed? It is hard to move and time feels like it is passing slowly? Many people have. There have been days that the only reason to get up is to let our furry friends outside.  There are times the only thing that motivates people to keep going is seeing a dog’s tail wagging at the foot of our bed. 

With social distancing and the cancelation of most activities, many people have been brought to tears from the isolation. When that happens, dogs can be counted on to jump on the bed and lick away the tears.  They understand words and can pick up on the tone of voices, facial expressions, and body language. Dogs are attuned to feelings and behavior, but most importantly, they are harmonized with their owners’ emotions. 

Dogs are also good companions when there is no one else. Especially during quarantine, where most people have not been unable to see their friends and family for months on end, furry companions can only help. 

“Dogs reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and bring happiness to their owners,” said sophomore Hannah Raqel.  “Dogs also encourage exercise, which results in better health too, and a longer life.”

For those who suffer from social anxiety, dogs can help their owners connect with other people by providing the opportunity to talk to others while walking in the neighborhood.  Socializing with other people can also help with symptoms of depression. 

  If suffering from low self-esteem, a dog might be what is needed. 

“You build self-esteem by taking care of a dog,” said junior Alexys Fenning.  “It offers reassurance that you can care for another creature and for yourself.” 

For those who don’t have dogs and are looking for some company, there are great local shelters to check out, such as Animal Rescue of South Florida, where dogs and cats are saved from high kill shelters.  For those who have their hearts set on purebreds, there is also Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue in Delray Beach, which has many full-bred dogs in their shelter.   

Saving a dog can come with multiple benefits for the dog and yourself. When saving a dog from the shelter, you may also be saving yourself from COVID induced isolation and all the issues that stem from it.


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