How do you feel about having to Celebrate certain Holidays over COVID-19 restrictions?


Juniors; Corey Fiske, Abigale Veres, Olivia Keable, and Mia Antonacci.

Story by Sarah Lynott, Features Editor

 “I think that being with family is fine and normal as long as everyone has been maintaining their distance with other people and overall being safe. I don’t usually travel for the holidays, so not much will change for me, but I understand how disappointing it must be to not be able to visit family that live out of state,” said junior Abigale Veres.

“I truly miss traveling and being able to experience a white Christmas up north; however, with COVID-19, I understand the risk of traveling and visiting, especially populated areas during the holidays. So I will be staying home with my family this year,” said junior Olivia Keable. “I think that if we sacrifice traveling and stay close to home it will lead us to better conditions to travel next year.”  

“I think everyone needs a little bit of family right now, but some people might have to be more cautious than others. I know that my family will try and do most of Thanksgiving and Christmas outside,” said junior Mia Antonacci. 

“The holidays under COVID-19 constrictions are not all bad; I enjoy it more because there are less people in over populated areas and my family never travels over the holidays, so it doesn’t impact us too much through that aspect,” said junior Corey Fiske.