Anti-Semitism In 2020!?


An image of the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise, Idaho. The very same monument that continues to be defaced with swastikas by anti-semitic persons. (Image Credit: Idaho Statesman)

Story by Christian (CJ) Joseph Walden, Staff Writer

Anti-Semitism: The hostile and prejudiced beliefs and actions against Jewish persons.

For some reason, religion has often led to wars, arguments, and hatred, despite the common values of peace and respect among the various beliefs. If one is not under the same religion as you, or even the same branch of the same religion, does that mean they deserve horrible treatment? I would hope one would say no, but sadly that truly is not the case with a lot of history.

The reason why this point is relevant is because many groups are not learning from the past and continue to bash others for their beliefs. Anti-Semitism is an example to fit this image. Anti-Semitism has existed for centuries, and the most horrific example is the Holocaust. Under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, Germany was transformed, and that period of time is now referred to as the Holocaust. The main goal during the Holocaust was to rid Germany of all Jewish persons. However, the Holocaust also discriminated against people due to their ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, and or sexual orientation. Victims of the Holocaust were sent to labor or death camps where inmates were either immediately killed or worked to death. 

“The Holocaust was the most significant act of anti-semitism in history, so significant that almost everyone in America today knows about it,” said junior Alex Mason. “The period will never be forgotten, as long as we prioritize to keep the people informed of it.”

A more recent example of anti-semitism is the defacement of the only Anne Frank memorial in the U.S. in Boise, Idaho, covered with modern-day Nazi, or Anti-Semitist, propaganda. Nine swastika stickers were found all over the human rights memorial park, which spans less than one acre. Thankfully the mayor and police department have expressed their concerns and support for catching the criminals, but the fact that this was done in the first place has raised concerns across the world.

While anti-semitism is still occurring across the world that does not mean that it has to stay. There are many ways to get rid of anti-semitism; however, first-person accounts of those who have faced Anti-Semitism would be more accurate.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided anti-semitism for most of my life. However, I have been called Jewish slurs in the past before,” said Mason.

The mistreatment of Jewish persons due to anti-semitism is very sickening and disgusting, and it needs to stop.

“I think the Holocaust was one of the most important and tragic historical events stemmed from anti-semitism,” said junior Saige Levine. “Anti-Semitism has caused me to not feeling accepted by certain people in my life, and it is truly painful.”

Overall, preventing anti-semitism has to be done by everyone, including Jewish and non-Jewish persons.

“I think anti-semitism can be solved through exposure. I think if there are more Jewish characters in TV shows for children, kids will know that Jewish people are just like everyone else. Therefore, our next generation could be rid of anti-semitism,” said Mason.

Acceptance, exposure, and teachings will help combat anti-semitism, but only if we as a society accept one another. 

“The defacement of the Anne Frank memorial shows extreme disrespect. I think worldwide acceptance and celebration of every religion is what is needed to combat anti-semitism,” said Levine.

Just as Christian and Catholic holidays and religions get attention from school districts, governments, and employers, Jewish holidays and Judaism should get the same attention. Jewish persons have faced horrid treatment for centuries and generations, it is only fair that everyone gets representation and equal treatment.

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