Rating Teas Around Florida


Story by Sarah Lynott, Features Editor

Modern Rose: 

Modern Rose is located in both Deerfield Beach at the Cove, or the Delray MarketPlace. They are known for being a lovely cafe that offers varieties of teas, coffee, breakfast, avocado toast, and vegan desserts. 

The Passion Breeze tea: 9/10

This tea was highly recommended to me by a friend, and I was shocked by how delicious it was. It was refreshing and had a fruitful taste to it. The presentation was also very appealing because, at the Deerfield Beach location, they serve all of their coffees and teas in mason jars, and have the whole place decorated as a trendy antique cafe. 



Starbucks is a well-known coffee place, especially for high school students, that also serves tea and other refreshments.There are many locations around Boca Raton to choose from.  

Guava Black Tea: 8/10 

This tea was very delicious, but I felt that for certain people it might be more fruity than refreshing, which may cause them to think it is too sweet to get in a larger size. Starbucks is mainly known for their coffee, and their refreshers for those who do not drink coffee. I would say the Guava Black tea is a good drink if you’re craving something really fruity. 


Trend Tea:

Trend Tea is a cafe with freshly-made tea that is located on the second floor of the Wyndham Hotel on Glades Road. It is a relaxing setting with both indoor and outdoor seating within the hotel, looking out to the fountain and the pool. When I visited them to try one of their teas, I met the owner of the company, Nata Mason, who discussed that she previously would come to Boca High and teach students how to make tea in Jacob Victor’s class. 

Rosie Raspberry Tea: 10/10

This tea was exactly what it sounds like; it had hints of rose with mainly a raspberry flavor. It was such a different tea flavor and unlike anything I have tried before; it was amazing. I highly recommend going to Trend Tea because they have so many options, from herbal to fruity teas. 

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