Athlete of the Week: Samantha Martinez


Story by Annabelle Sikes, Staff Writer

Samantha Martinez, a sophomore at Boca High, is a hard worker, aspiring honor roll student, and an extraordinarily gifted athlete. Her central talent is soccer, a sport played by thousands worldwide.

Martinez has been playing soccer her whole life. Since her dad started playing as only a child, soccer seems to run in the family. She plays center mid and left mid, and was selected by the coaches to be team captain of the Junior Varsity soccer team this year. To be a team captain means to consistently encourage and lead the team in the right direction humbly with respect. Being a role model to teammates and performing to standards is also a key role of being a captain.

“I love being captain, it’s a great honor,” said Martinez. “Being a captain takes a lot of responsibility but it’s all worth it in the end.”

So far, the team has a record of 4 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie. Martinez has scored 4 goals and is on a roll this year, putting in her very best effort every minute of the game. The team has performed very well so far, pulling together a large multitude of skills and working together to make every game their best.

“I think the team will go very far this year. We have so many talented players and I can’t wait to see where this season will take us; it’s sure to be a blast,” said Martinez.

Samantha Martinez is also very dedicated, practicing almost every day, including weekends, and playing on a travel team called Team Boca as well.

“I love soccer and I don’t play any other sport besides it. I’m not very hand eye coordinated but it’s the only sport I’ve ever fallen in love with. Soccer is the best, there is simply no comparison,” she said.

As well as soccer, Martinez is a dedicated, hardworking student. With all honors classes and a plethora of college classes, she seems to have a lot on her plate. However, Martinez has no trouble keeping up. Maintaining an impressive grade point average from a normal student is asking a lot, but Martinez manages to hold A and B honor roll with little to no effort.

“School always comes first, but somehow I always make it work and never miss a practice. Dedication for the team and my players are still a must.”said Martinez.

Samantha Martinez is definitely an important person to keep an eye on. With her extraordinary soccer skills as well as her hard work and dedication during school, Martinez is quite the exceptional student athlete.

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