Athlete of the Week: Manny Paules


Story by Minami Guido, Staff Writer

Manny Paules is a sophomore at Boca High and it is his second year on the varsity wrestling team. He began wrestling when he was only five years old, influenced by his friends and family that also wrestled. Before he was on a school team, Paules wrestled with his cousin to practice. He continued wrestling into middle and high school.

“I was the state champion in eighth grade in Florida,” said Paules. He was also the state champion in seventh grade when he lived in New Jersey.

So far, Boca High’s wrestling team has only attended four meets, one being the Joe Mac Duals at North Miami High School. At the past meet on December 6, Paules began this season’s record with a strong three wins and one loss.

On Tuesday, December 9 the team had another meet at Wellington High School. Paules won his dual match, succeeding in four wins and one loss so far in the season. Although Paules won, the team as a whole did not win the meet.

On December 19 and 20, Paules and the Boca High wrestlers competed at a two day meet at home.

It was the team’s only home meet and “they are pretty big rivals,” said Paules.

At the home meet Paules won three of his four matches and brought his record up to ten wins and only three losses.

Although he wrestled in the 170 weight class at the Varsity versus Junior Varsity Dual at Wellington on Tuesday December, 9, Paules usually wrestles in the 160 weight class.

“Some people don’t know how to do it right, cutting weight is pretty complicated,” said Paules in a matter of fact manner.

He seems to be very comfortable with all the difficult skills that wrestling requires, considering it is more a lifestyle to him than just a seasonal sport.

“This season I want to make it to States. I also want to win Districts,” said Paules because he was not able to win the District title last year.

Paules has high hopes and big goals he wants to reach. By the end of his senior year at Boca High, he hopes to win at the States meet.

The one tip Paules stresses for any new wrestlers is: “Come to practice.”

Paules likes wrestling so much because it teaches discipline, and he has been working hard his whole life to perfect his skills.

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