Athlete of the Week: Lindsay Zombek

Athlete of the Week: Lindsay Zombek

Story by Minami Guido, Staff Writer

Lindsay Zombek is a second year varsity lacrosse player at Boca High and she is the athlete of the week. Zombek began playing lacrosse when she was in fifth grade. She attended Gulf Stream School, a private school where it was required of every student to play a sport.

“We seasonally changed sports and one of my favorite sports we played throughout the year was lacrosse,” Zombek recalled.

Zombek was excited to pick up playing lacrosse again after playing for a year in fifth grade. She has since played on the school’s lacrosse team both freshman and sophomore years.

“I play attack, and it is similar to the position of forward in soccer. Basically, I play at the front of the field and my main job is to score. I usually receive the ball from the midfield, bringing it up the field,” Zombek explained about her position.

To maximize her value to her team and play her best, Zombek hopes to improve her catching and passing accuracy with her stick. By working on her skills this season, she hopes to help bring Boca High a district title.

“We have a very talented group of girls and this team has great potential. I feel like we will do well this season,” said Zombek.

Along with going to districts, Zombek is confident that she and her teammates can win their games against big rivals, Spanish River and West Boca. She looks forward to playing against both schools because they are on a similar skill level, which intends for a fair game.

Zombek feels that her teammates are not just lacrosse players, but also faithful friends.

“I love playing with teammates that I know will always have my back, on and off the field,” she said.

Although, to her, the end of the lacrosse season is the most difficult thing about the sport, Zombek knows that her coach and teammates will still have her back in school and life.

Looking forward, Zombek is pondering the idea of continuing lacrosse into college, as her passion grows each season. Due to their constant support for her love of lacrosse, Zombek’s parents are her source for inspiration and courage as she plays.

Other than lacrosse, Zombek’s parents watch from the sidelines as she plays junior varsity soccer and competes on the running team for NJROTC for Boca High.


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