Swim team; practice, meets, most importantly, family

Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

The swim team has been working very hard and placed first in districts this year. Several of the team members will be going to the state finals in Stuart and they also placed third in regionals.

“You feel like you’re a part of a team even though it is mostly individual,” said freshman Emily Fahim.

Swimming is a sport that is mostly individual because competitors are doing different strokes alone in the water against other schools, but having a group of people cheering them on makes them feel like they are a part of team.

“The swim team is close, and gets to know each other through every early in the morning practice at the Bobcat pool. Regionals are hosted at the Boca High pool and it’s always a goal to win that since it’s at home,” said Fahim.

The goals for the swim team are to be best of the best and win state championships. Team members don’t just set group goals, but individual goals to meet throughout the season. This allows the team to become stronger overall as they meet these objectives.

“When it comes down to it, we are a group of individuals working towards a common goal,” said senior Cameron Taddonio.

The team works very well together as a team in practice but when the competitions roll around, the members get serious and are ready to win.

“Every time someone places first, second, or third those scores point back to our team. The better the place, the more points the team scores. But, then there is also relays, which are scored the same way, but it’s a team of people that are doing the racing,” said Taddonio.

The meets are very fun to watch and can get very competitive. It’s great to see the members wearing the school colored swim cap to represent our school. Both the girls and boys swim team this year have broken school records. This shows how hard this team has trained together and individually to achieve something they didn’t know was possible. Swim this year has been very successful because of their efforts to shine.

“Individual success causes team success,” said Taddonio.


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