Why Boca High Sports Games are a Fan Favorite


Story by Victoria Fondeur, Staff Writer

Bobcats, sports season is back and you know what that means… games!  Our games are incredibly popular. The games you can go to include but are not limited to: football, volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse. Going to sports games is a good way to get involved in school, and it’s a great way to make the most of your high school experience.



 “I like going to Boca High football games with my friends because they’re really fun and I make a lot of new friends there- I also get to cheer on my friends who play,” said sophomore Sophia Ferrari.


Going to sports games is an amazing way to get involved in school. If you are not a part of any club, attending games is a way of showing your school spirit. 


“I think that students enjoy the energy that we as players bring to our games,” said sophomore varsity football receiver and safety player Jonny Caverly 


Before many football games, leadership sets up tailgates, with games and different themes. They are free to attend, and are a great way to get excited about the game. Leadership works extremely hard to make the tailgates fun for everyone who comes; for each game they come up with an original theme and set up games for everyone to play.


 A big reason many students love going to games is how energetic the crowd is. Many games have a “ Student Section” where many students start chants to cheer for our teams. Mr. and Ms. Boca High play a big part in hyping up the student section, they start chants and get the crowd excited to cheer for our athletes. 


“I remember going to the homecoming game my freshman year and it was the white-out. It was the first game I ever went to,” said  junior Sabrina Marks “The game was so much fun because I didn’t know what to expect but it was insane and crazy, it was fun!”


Students go to games to cheer on our athletes, not only does it hype everyone up for the game, but it also makes our players perform at their best.


“When you are in a game you feel so much excitement, and you’re anxious, but once you hear the crowd and you see the court, those fears go away and you just feel like you have to enjoy the time,” said senior varsity volleyball defensive specialist  Isabella Ospina Restrepo. “The people that go to support the players help them remember why we want to give our best on the game”.


Going to games is a great way to make memories and to make the most of your high school experience, from football to bowling, it is no question why Boca High sports games are a fan favorite.


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        ( The Picture was provided by Rob Sweeten)