Do and Don’ts: Meeting Choreographers At Workshops


Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

Although some of these actions may seem like common sense, when meeting a famous choreographer for the first time it may escape you’re notice.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Approach Them- It is perfectly fine to ask for a photo or even an autograph. It’s even perfectly acceptable to be star struck. Just be sure to give them their space and speak to them normally- don’t rush your speech! If your friends make fun of you for it accept the banter good naturedly. After all, who knows when an opportunity for a selfie with the choreographer will arise again?
  2. Do Wait Until Class Is Over/ Before Class- If another class is going on, but you don’t feel like taking it, be respectful. Wait until class is over or speak to your favorite choreographers beforehand. I cannot begin to explain how rude it is to see only fifteen people learning from a budding performer and thirty lining up for a photo op. Also remember that the reason there are different teachers is to give the headlining dancers a chance to take a break.
  3. Do Bring Tons of Water/ Healthy Food- Although you may be tempted to splurge on energy drinks and sugary snacks for a quick boost of energy. As the day goes on such junk food will only decrease your stamina. So opt for apple slices or the traditional salad instead. Of course you cannot forget water. Trust me, at these events they know water is crucial to a dancer so they will try to sell overpriced bottles or even play the broken water fountain trick.
  4. Don’t Show Off – There is often limited space due to the abundant number of dancers who signed up to learn from the dance celebrity. So be mindful of the person next to you and do not decide to break into a very expressive freestyle. There will be plenty of time and space for that in select groups.
  5. Do Participate in Groups – Groups are perhaps the greatest time to showcase your talent. This is when the choreographer splits the crowd into even numbered clusters to see the dancers perform the routine they just taught. Then from there the teacher narrows it down to the best performers and creates three select groups of no more than ten people each. If you don’t get picked or feel nervous still give groups a shot! Who knows maybe the choreographer will notice you and offer you some one on one tips after class.