Letters Of Love: A Dancer’s Step to Making a Difference


Photo by Kyle Hanagami

Hanagami received Letters of Love around the world.

Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

Kyle Hanagami, world renowned choreographer and Dance Spirit’s November cover star, released his new dance video Give Me Strength on February 14th, 2015. Hanagami announced he will be doing Letters of Love again this year.

Hanagami’s project Letters of Love began after he taught a class at Movement Lifestyle, a dance studio in Los Angeles, California. He decided to donate all the money he made to cancer research. In an effort to match him, the studio gave their proceeds to the cause as well. Shortly after, Hanagami rented a P.O. Box to receive letters from all around the world. The only rule being that it must be about love. For every ten letters, Hanagami donated $1 of his own money to fund cancer research. His fans responded with overwhelming support. Teachers made it their class projects and dance studio owners made Letters of Love their priority.

He received a total of 14,146 letters of love and released a dance video with the choreography he taught in the class which inspired the project. After releasing his dance to Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love, Hanagami won World Of Dance’s Next Generation Award for that piece. In 2014, he invited a personal friend and three time cancer survivor for his Letters of Love class choosing to do the project again.

Two years since the class that started it all, Hanagami was diagnosed with leukemia, cancer of the blood. The diagnosis came towards the end of 2014. “I want to share this because I want to remind people how important love is. Love is so… so important,” he said. His new video and choreography conveys a similar message. In fact, it’s about, “remembering the things that you love and cherishing them while you still can.”

If you want to take a part in Letters of Love, the process is fairly simple:

1.       Write a love letter. Talk about any kind of love and decorate it however you’d like.

2.        Send it to the following address: P.O. Box 6339 North Hollywood, CA 91603 USA

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