Six Last Minute Dance Related Halloween Costumes


A Chachi Inspired costume is easy to recreate.

Story by Valeria Munoz, Copy Editor

Halloween is a great time to change up your look, even if it’s just for one night. However, store- bought costumes can often be too pricy, uncomfortable, and predictable. So I devised a costume guide that will be appreciated by dancers and guarantee originality on your part. Although these costumes aren’t the most common, you are bound to be complimented by your dance friends at your local studio’s Halloween party.

Ballerina – First don a pink ballet wrap or sweater over a white tank top and leggings if you’re not comfortable wearing a leotard over ballet tights. Add a pink tutu for effect; it doesn’t have to be from a previous dance recital. In fact, you can get tutus in an assortment of colors at Claire’s. Slippers are only a must if you will be at your studio. If you want more practical shoe- wear for trick- or- treating you can use pink Converse High Tops or even ballet flats. Also, make sure to put your hair up in a classic ballet bun. No flyaway hairs are allowed in dance class, so use plenty of hairspray to achieve a true bunhead.
Chachi Gonzales- This costume was the easiest for me to recreate because my wardrobe resembles hers a lot. Many of the pieces may already be in your closet, too. You can wear a red crop top with leggings and dark blue or black Vans. A jean shirt to tie around your waist is necessary if you look to recreate the outfit she wore at her workshop in Brazil. A multi-colored flannel and a white muscle tee with a snapback and black Vans will also do the trick to imitate her style at Hip Hop International in 2014. You can switch up the colors but the must-haves are a shirt to tie around your waist, leggings, crop top, Vans, and a snapback. As for hair, use a curling iron to get Chachi’s flawless curls and simple winged eyeliner should do it for her makeup.
So You Think You Can Dance Audition Member- For this particular costume, you need a solid color shirt for boys and a solid crop top for girls as well as Adidas pants. Don’t forget your favorite kicks to wear to dance practice! To complete the costume, print out a paper with a number as if it were your audition number and pin it to your shirt. If you want to make it more obvious, find the SYTYCD logo and place it above the number before you print it out. Basically, you can wear any outfit you wear to practice since the clothes aren’t limited to these items.
Ian Eastwood- You need a black Kubskoutz T-shirt, or you can iron on the Mos Wanted Crew logo onto a white shirt. But if you want to avoid going through all that trouble, you can wear any Chicago gear to represent his city along with black harem sweatpants and burgundy Vans or Nike Free Runs. If you own a pair of Young Lions sweatpants, I would encourage you to wear those, since they are an Eastwood staple. If you really want to go all out, you can write his Ancora Imparo on your left arm. Remember to wear a snapback, especially one of the Chicago Bulls.
Jabbawockee- The white mask is a necessity and Party City offers a look- a-like among their accessory aisles. A baggy T-shirt and black or grey sweatpants are suggested, but like the SYTYCD Audition Member costume your normal studio attire (if you are a hip hop dancer) should work just fine.
Michael Jackson- This costume requires a white T-shirt, black pants, and dress shoes, but black Converse work too. To recreate the King of Pop’s style, don his trademark white gloves and a black fedora. If you can moonwalk, casually break out that skill to drive the clarity of your character.

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