Justin Bieber regains his #Purpose

Story by Valeria Munoz, Copy Editor

Justin Bieber has made us feel a “Rollercoaster” of emotions throughout this year; there’s no doubt about it. But with the release of his new dance music videos set to his latest album Purpose, I am seriously feeling grateful to the Biebs. It’s all part of #Purpose: The Movement, a dance movie featuring only the best of the best in the dance industry. Parris Goebel, member of the all-girl ReQuest crew, was the mastermind behind the videos as she directed and casted the dancers for each video. The dance video set to “Sorry” was the first to drop starring the extremely talented ladies of ReQuest Crew; however, the movie isn’t all neon tracksuits and upbeat jams.

There is a darker tone to Purpose with some of Bieber’s sentimental, unapologetic songs. “The Feeling” shows a tragic love story and features Janelle Ginestra, a former backup dancer for P!nk and member of ImmaBeast Dance Company. The title track, “Purpose,” begins with professional dancer Simrin Player, much older since her last appearance in Bieber’s “Somebody To Love” music video in 2010. Player is consoling Justin Bieber as he sings about losing his way. Clearly, Player has stuck with the Biebs through thick and thin.  For an edgier number to “I’ll Show You,” Goebel recruited Bieber’s dancers such as CJ Salvador. In “No Pressure,” a favored YouTuber and sensational choreographer Ian Eastwood serenades his girlfriend Megan Batoon with his signature choreography that never fails to be on-beat. Eastwood performing on a stage is reminiscent of his 2010 video to “Somebody to Love” in which he takes on the role of Bieber. Clearly this milestone has proven Eastwood’s hard work and perseverance opened the doors to work with admirable artists.

Keone and Mari Madrid, yet another power couple in the dance community, served as the comic relief by demonstrating the dynamic between two lovers with different goals. While Keone’s character is doing everything he can to keep Mari’s character happy, she overlooks his amorous gestures because she is a working woman who only cares about her job and her iPhone. Bieber’s chorus points out the struggle of a one sided relationship with lyrics like:

“Cause if you like the way you look that much then maybe you should go and love yourself,” he says.

The song “Life Is Worth Living” speaks of the struggle of finding one’s worth after an emotional wound, then symbolized by a bullet wound to the heart sported by professional dancer, Emma Portner, in this short film. Joined by Patrick Cook, Portner performs a contemporary routine that conveys the pain and confusion felt by people who suffer from depression or suicidal feelings. Bieber references his faith in God by mentioning Him in the song as evidenced by the lyrics: “He sent an angel to help you out. ” Cook is the embodiment of that angel as he nurses Portner’s wound. He leads her on the road to recovery to stand her ground and find emotional stability.

Each and every video in his dance film stands on its own for each powerful message and style of cinematography. He has proven his staying power yet again by acknowledging a key section in the entertainment industry that people tend to underestimate: the dancers.

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