First DanceCon held in Orlando

Story by Valeria Munoz, Copy Editor

Choreographer Matt Steffanina and his equally talented fiancé, Dana Alexa, have been revolutionizing dance workshops and auditions by bringing unique opportunities to dancers. While many dancers take a chance by moving to Los Angeles to train, Steffanina recognizes that that isn’t always an option. His objective with DanceCon is to overcome that option. The first event was held in Motiv Dance studio in Orlando and was planned with only four days notice. Over 400 people attended, traveling from great distances like Brazil and from states like Alabama and Virginia, to meet and train alongside Steffanina and Alexa.

After two classes, the participating dancers had the chance to audition for a spot on Steffanina’s latest video. Considering his video to Justin Bieber’s “Where R U Now” got over 10 million views and his channel was noticed by recording artists, being featured on his channel is a great way for a dancer to gain exposure in the industry. Regardless, being recognized and selected by Alexa and Steffanina is an honor in and of itself.

Auditions included performing choreography and freestyling. Although the event started at 6:30 with beginner hip hop and the intermediate class was scheduled to end at 9:15 P.M, auditions lasted until 2 A.M. The chosen dancers had to wake up bright and early six hours later to attend rehearsals. The video was shot the next day, the same day as rehearsals, so the dancers had no time to perfect the dance. In fact, they were expected to understand and remember the choreography when it was being taught. The video featured more than fifty dancers across all ages from the South Florida dance community.

“I remember doing the same thing and traveling to workshops. So any time people make time or make sacrifices to get to my workshops. It’s always an honor really,” Stefannina said in his DanceCon Recap video.

There’s no doubt the dancer duo has earned their success. Their hit dance videos landed them a spot on season 28 of the Amazing Race airing on CBS Fridays at 8/7 c. P.M. It’s evident that while Steffanina and Alexa have gained recognition for their choreography and talent, they have remained humble and grounded. They can only go up from here!

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