Dancer’s Spotlight: Josh Beauchamp

Story by Valeria Munoz, Copy Editor

In 2012 and 2013,  the dance world was taken by storm by YouTube sensations such as Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales and Ian Eastwood. They continue to foster fan bases that grew up with them watching their videos and attending their workshops. But now, a new generation of dancers has emerged to serve as inspiration for kids.  With many of them featured on Ellen or noticed by celebrities through social media, the public is more aware of young talent than it’s ever been before.  Pulse Tour protégé Josh Beauchamp is one of these insanely brilliant dancers.

Beauchamp has been dancing for ten years since 2006 and won the grand prize for K-Days Talent Search. Trained by LA’s best and brightest, Beauchamp has gained experience through taking classes from Will “Wildabeast” Adams, Janelle Ginestra, David Moore, Carlo Atienza, and Alexander Chung. It’s no surprise that Beauchamp has developed the stamina and performance skills to be a part the junior division of NXG Dance Company and the highly coveted ImmaBeast Dance Company.

Beauchamp’s video featuring his own choreography to “Sorry” was retweeted by none other than Justin Bieber himself.

“This album’s for us…Love seeing this for #SORRY,” Bieber tweeted.

Although we don’t need the Biebs to remind us that Beauchamp has got what it takes to be a successful choreographer,  it sure is gratifying to see that celebrities, just like viewers, recognize talent when they see it. Beauchamp starred in the “Bad Teacher” series of dance videos alongside DanceSpirit’s May/June covergirl Taylor Hatala and her sister Reese Hatala. After watching the trio challenge their strict teacher to a dance battle and WIN, they left their subscribers (including me) asking for Bad Teacher #3. Regardless of whether or not there are plans for a third installment, I certainly cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Josh Beauchamp.

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