Willdabeast’s Tips to Becoming a Better Dancer


Photo by Instagram

Los Angeles choreographers, Will “Willdabeast” Adams and Janelle Ginestra welcome Nathan Cherry and Jake Monreal into the ImmaBeast Dance company.

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor In Chief

1. Choices – According to choreographer Will “Willdabeast” Adams, it all comes down to choices. For instance, when you are in a dance class, if it’s the end of the combination but the music keeps on playing do you freestyle or do you stop dancing? That’s your choice.  You should keep in mind it could be your shot to showcase your talent and any tricks that set you apart from the person next to you. During the combo as well, there are certain “moments” in the routine where the choreographer lets you add your own flavor. He suggests you take advantage of those moments to make an impression in class or an audition.  Since hitting a certain beat or texturing a step makes all the difference.

2.  Fight – No, not a physical fight. Each generation has dance steps that define them. Despite knowing how to whip and nae-nae in school dances, when presented with the chance to in a workshop, young dancers may overthink these moves and mess up. If a simple dance move becomes hard, push yourself and fight through the difficulty to master it. After all, you learn the most from your mistakes so don’t avoid messing up, embrace it.

3. Motivation – From the Immabeast Company to the ImmaBeast clothing line and now the Beast Network, there is no stopping Will “Willdabeast Adams.” Although he jokes his strong work ethic can be attributed to having ADHD, Adams recognizes the moment to act is now.

“I want to open opportunities for dancers across different fields and mediums and take advantage of the influence I have,” Adams said. He’s extremely thankful for the following and platform he has through social media. In fact, he wants to use it to bring awareness to certain issues in the dance community such as the current battle between copyright and dance videos.  Therefore, his tip is to develop a strong work ethic by avoiding procrastination.

4. Determination – Despite what social media may lead you to believe, Adams did not construct his dance empire overnight. In fact, none of the choreographers that are now viral video stars have. During the question and answer session, he recalled a time when there was only three students taking his class. However, the workshop that day sold out in twenty two hours after he announced it. His secret?  To insist on your ideas and if things don’t work out, to make it happen on your own account.

5. Don’t Mind Others Opinions- “There’s always going to be talk, it’s your job to not care about what people may say.” Adams said. He gave examples of dancers who are recognized for their unique style and admitted that people won’t always understand your style and may find flaws. It’s true, you can’t please everyone but you shouldn’t feel responsible to please them. In fact, according to Adams, it’s when a dancer decides to stop caring of what people think, when they grow the most.

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