Humans of Boca High: Harry Rodriguez


Story by Maria Rodriguez, Staff Wrtier

I asked Harry to tell me about any memory, good or bad. This was his response:
“I think my favorite memory has to be from my childhood. Those were the best times. Most of my favorite childhood memories are whenever I did something really rebellious. I think I’m really quiet and shy so I’m always the ‘good kid.’ Every school has a rival obviously. It always happens. I lived in the same compound as some kids who went to my rival school. One time my friends and I threw water balloons at their bus when they got back home. I could hear all the kids inside going insane. We had a military supply of water balloons. Honestly I’m really impressed on how we put the plan together for a couple of fifth graders. It was really funny, but we were so stupid. I finally got to do something completely crazy and I got it out of my system. My parents were really pissed and I got in trouble but it actually made me become really responsible. They’re probably really happy I had my ‘rebellious’ phase as an annoying little fifth grader rather than now as a teenager. I realized that it wasn’t really my true self but just like another character that I was trying out. It was super funny though.”
Being a child is an experience everyone takes for granted. Individuals only realize its significance once they are in their teen years and getting math homework harder than adding fractions. The good old days in which the biggest trouble was deciding who one wanted to play four-square with have been, for the most part, involuntarily traded with sleep-deprivation. Although it may sound a bit cheesy,the fact of the matter is that one’s childhood experiences is only a fragment of the equation that makes up an individual.