Academy of Villains House of Fear show leaves fans in awe


Photo by Kyle Daily

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

Halloween Horror Nights is known for its terror inducing attractions but a recent addition to the list of shows has got dancers and attendees raving about the night. Academy of Villains, a dance company, made its debut in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida this October. The company classifies itself as a “dance circus” and they hold nothing back in their new set House of Fear.  The town of Shadybrook is the setting for the chaotic uproar caused by inmates of an asylum. The “inmates” combine intricate choreography and pyrotechnics as well as tricks to deliver a true spectacle that rivals The Walking Dead and American Horror Story houses.

Academy of Villains is a dance company originated in Los Angeles begun by choreographers and artistic directors, Pharside and Krystal Meraz. The duo incorporates krumping and stunts within their choreography. They have also integrated a contemporary section into their company. The assistant directors are Francis Tyrell and Aaron Ricafort. Recently, Academy of Villains held their first company auditions of their audition tour outside of Los Angeles in Orlando, Florida on October 30, 2016. The auditions were at Motiv Dance Studio. Dancers and choreographers alike recognize this as a milestone in the dance community since prominent people in the industry have begun to bring the opportunities to dancers’ doorsteps while in search of talent. The company will be traveling to additional cities on their audition tour to scout dancers in order to expand their crew. Thus, Academy of Villains isn’t only making history through their performances but also allowing people to take part in the movement of changing the dance industry.