While I was away (We could be better)


Photo by Google Images

Story by Olivia Favor, Staff Writer

So I took some “time off” and many have asked me where I was. My response has been “I was taking care of some things.” Through this “time off” I learned a lot about myself and how to approach the world. I learned how to be a better me. I was struggling last year and the beginning of this year. Lately everything has been extremely difficult for me. However I’m still here, full of air in my lungs and food in my stomach, which some people aren’t fortunate enough to have. It’s an odd feeling to be so grateful for what I have, instead of taking it for granted. I’ve seen a lot and dealt with some ridiculous stuff, but my life is still better than most. With all that said, I’m still a work in progress. I can always be better.

This generation is so confused and lost. We have too much going on but little appreciation for it. I was so distracted by trivial things that I never prioritized on what’s really important. All the stress I was dealing with made me waste my time and energy on the most irrelevant things. I stopped focusing on what truly mattered and got caught up in the situation instead of realizing how my future would be effected by acting in that moment. I was so impulsive, always wanting my pride to step in the way instead of to the side, where it belongs for now. I’m an extremely prideful person and failed to realize that I can be prideful later, that I can have my moment. I just need to be patient for it to come.

This generation is overstepping its bounds, we need to be mindful of our words and actions. We’re so quick to act in a negative situation, that we don’t even give our minds time to reflect on how such actions can disrupt our future.

That is the only thing that is important, our future is what we keep striving towards. However, our present and past can prevent us from ever having a future. We will keep reliving our present and ultimately our past if we don’t change our irrelevant ways. We cannot keep behaving the same but expect different results that is the definition of insanity. If one wants to be better they must make a change. We must change to live the life we want rather than conform to the life we have. If you want to behave better, be respectful always, no matter the person or situation. Or if you want to lose weight eat nutritious food instead of junk.

I have experienced many inconveniences that made me acknowledge what I wouldn’t have otherwise if I didn’t take that “time off.” I’m thankful for that experience, I didn’t want it to happen, but I know it needed to happen because I never appreciated what I had. I always thought my life was hard, but then I was made aware of people who had it worse than I did. I struggle but I’m not beaten down, starved, or ill. I have a phone, food, water, clothes, a bed, and an education. It isn’t the bed I want or the phone I want, but I still have it unlike other people. My life is made compared to others. I live a life people dream about having, while I dream about having more. I want this food and these clothes. Some people just want a shirt or something to fill their stomach, and it doesn’t matter the brand.

This generation only seems to care about the next iPhone coming out and new Starbucks flavor, when there are people suffering, most specifically us. All we seem to be capable of doing is complaining about how the new iPhone doesn’t have headphones or how the girl at Starbucks spelled a name wrong. This cannot be all we care about.
Our thoughts control us and our actions define us. We can be better than this, but it all comes down to if we want to be better. I know I’m one to say I want things to change, but never actually implement those changes to improve. It is difficult for me to do the things I need to do because I’m too focused on doing what I want to do. Every time I do this, I face consequences and it just sets me back further.

However, now I take time to reflect on what I say and do. I’m not a master at it yet, but I’m better than I was before.I think this generation needs a reality check, a little time off from what were accustomed to will give us the opportunity to appreciate what we may have often taken for granted. Perfection may not come out of it but improvement can. Our mistakes are in the past and all we can do is learn from them. Our past will never be fixed, but our future can be better.