Chung and Hatala team up for Chung’s new piece “energy”

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

Choreographer Alexander Chung is most known for his amazing class videos and thirteen year old dancer, Taylor Hatala is featured in many of them. But their latest collaboration is deeper than Chung’s previous content. Set to Ed Sheeran’s song “I See Fire,” the concept of innocence and corruption is depicted throughout the video. Hatala plays the role of guardian angel, a youthful embodiment of optimism while Chung represents the exact opposite, in the form of a disillusioned grown up.

The piece’s title “Energy” is applicable to the internal conflict felt by Chung’s depressed character.It also represents the idea that people feed off of each other’s energy. In the beginning, Hatala’s character was dressed in all white and Chung is dressed in dark colors but as the video progresses Chung’s wardrobe turns lighter. It seems Hatala’s character has changed his perception of the world and his surroundings. The cinematography adds to the depth of the story as we follow the two’s journey uphill. Also the fact that Hatala at only thirteen years old carries Chung speaks volumes, not only on her physical strength, but by the fact that young people can be wise beyond their years.

Towards the end however, we see that Chung has also influenced her as she has a dark spot to the right of her shoulder. In fact, the ending scene reminds me of a quote from The Fault in Our Stars, “the marks humans leave are too often scars.” Thus, Hatala in trying to raise Chung’s spirit has seen the effects of a pessimistic attitude and is impacted this in the process as well. The piece seems to communicate the message that you are responsible for the energy you put out in the world and that there is always hope.  All in all, Chung captures the essence of the struggle within a person and hope. The two have truly created magic and a piece that can easily be considered visual art.


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