The Paw Print

2017-2018 Staff

Chloe Pepitone

Staff Writer

Chloe Pepitone, a junior who is new to newspaper and current position is a staff writer. It was a new way for her to interact in school and meet new people. Outside of school she spends plenty of time with family and friends.

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Dajia Morris

Staff Writer

Dajia Morris is a junior, and new to newspaper this year. Her hobbies include writing, softball and hanging with friends. She joined newspaper because she loves writing, wants to be more involved with the school, and meet new...

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Maite Sastre

Staff Writer

Maite is a Sophomore at Boca High and a staff writer this year. This is her first year writing for the Paw Print. She moved here two years ago from Brazil and she loves to write, read, and watch movies.

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Craig Pravel

Staff Writer

Craig is a sophomore at Boca High and is a Staff Writer this year. He loves to draw, make comics, watch Marvel movies, watch anime, play video games, and does comics. He is a proud Sagittarius and is also quiet. Interviews are...

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Lauren Bonich

News Editor

Lauren Bonich is a junior at Boca High and is the News Editor this year. She loves journalism and keeping tabs on current events. She has a passion for the environment as well as politics, and is extremely excited to be on the...

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Davis Elordi

Sports Editor

Davis Elordi is a junior at Boca High and the Sports Editor for the Paw Print staff. This is his first year writing for the Paw Print. He specializes in sports but also enjoys writing entertainment stories. Davis enjoys being...

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Lauren Pires

News Editor

Lauren Pires is an aspiring broadcast journalist that spends her time dedicated to discovering prevalent issues at Boca High. Her years of research writing has prepared her for The Paw Print, and she's looking forward to writing...

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Jorge Soares-Paulino

Editor in Chief

Jorge Soares-Paulino is a senior at Boca High and currently one of the Editor in Chiefs for the Paw Print staff. Once specializing in the entertainment field, writing almost exclusively reviews for new videogames, he now writes...

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Emily Pravel

Opinion Editor

Emily is a senior at Boca Raton Community High School this year, given the position as Opinion Editor at The Paw Print. This is her second year on the Paw Print and she's ecstatic with her new position. Her love of writing has...

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Danielle Worthalter

Editor in Chief

Danielle Worthalter is a Senior at Boca High and is one of the Editors in Chief on the Paw Print. This is her second year writing for the Paw Print. She spent last summer at New York University taking two journalism courses...

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Jennifer Balbier

Entertainment Editor

Jennifer is a senior at Boca High, and is very excited to be the Entertainment Editor and president of the Party Planning Committee for the Paw Print Staff! Her favorite things to write about are people and how to help them....

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Camile Lofters


Mrs. Lofters (formerly Betances) has been teaching since 2007 and is happy to be the adviser for The Paw Print newspaper at Boca High as well as The Paw yearbook. She was District 7's Journalism Teacher of the Year for the Flor...

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