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Black Panther Movie Review.
Another Marvel movie and another success. Black Panther is already more successful than the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. It got 361 million dollars in the box office in one week, thus becoming the number one most paid for movie in February. They even topped Wonder Woman, which is the most acclaimed DC Extended Universe movie (DCEU).

In the superhero movie business, the MCU is making sure that they are number one. They’ve been getting a continuous incline in ratings from their movies and they will have another shot at making their success even bigger with Avengers: Infinity War. Caution, there are spoilers ahead.

The setting of this movie is in a fictional African country called Wakanda. While everyone else in the world was just discovering the different technologies used, the people of Wakanda already invented those items and upgraded them to even more futuristic heights. The source of all of their technology is from a super rare metal called Vibranium. The metal is used in Captain America’s shield, Klaw’s hand, Black Panther's suit, and many more items and weapons.

In order to have a good king that rules over the four tribes of Wakanda, they must all gather together and have their strongest warrior fight the one who wants to be king. In this case, it was Prince T’Challa who was trying to claim the throne in order to follow after his deceased father, King T’Chaka, after he was murdered in Captain America: Civil War.

To make the fight even, T’Challa has his powers removed from him by drinking a special elixir. After that, one on one combat takes place in order to see who is more suitable for the throne. They are allowed to use weapons in this fight and killing is allowed.

Throughout the movie, T’Challa, Oyoke (Defender of wakanda) and Nakia (T’Challa’s lover) were out to take back the Vibranium that was stolen from them by Klaw and a group of bad guys. They eventually get stopped, but not before each member from that group kill each other to where only one remains. That person was Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B Jordan (Who turns out to be T’Challa’s cousin).

The actors did an amazing job. Michael B. Jordan got that second chance he needed to be in a superhero movie. He did a better job at being Killmonger than being the Human Torch from Fantastic Four - 2015. Killmonger was one of Black Panther’s rivals and Michael did a good job at being the bad guy. Hopefully the Marvel fans accept him into the MCU even though his character is dead now though.

Letitia Wright played as T’Challa’s sister, Shuri. She played the role well, she sounded smart and looked the part of a scientist. She added some humor to the movie and made sure that T’Challa was up to date on his equipment.

Chadwick Boseman did a fantastic job at playing T’Challa (Black Panther). He acted like a king and a superhero at the same time. T’Challa is supposed a responsible, brave, and respected; and Boseman fulfilled this to the fullest.

Danai Gurira played the Wakandan protector Okoye. She played her role and made sure that she was a fierce warrior that no one wanted to mess with. Always carrying her trusty spear made of Vibranium as her weapon, she struck fear into both enemies and the people of Wakanda.

Andy Serkis played a humor-filled, a trouble maker known as Klaw. Now he didn’t have a costume like in the comics, which upset some fans. Klaw is supposed to be a smart and serious villian, but Andy only fulfilled half of the the role and added a newer side to Klaw that made the character even better.

Daniel Kaluuya played as T’Challa’s right hand man and Okoye’s lover who is known as W’Kabi. W’Kabi has a second side of him that was shown in the movie. First he started off nice and friendly, than once Killmonger took over, he tried to keep him as king until his lover made him realise what he did was wrong.

Overall, this movie was action packed, funny, and it gave another superhero a chance to shine. This movie had the first successful black superhero movie with a majority of a black cast. Black Panther did not let fans down as it is one of the highly rated movies in the MCU. When you watch this movie, you won’t be disappointed.


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