Dirty Chico, 561 Renzo and YungODUB set to perform at Rolling Loud [SATIRE]

Dirty Chico, 561 Renzo and YungODUB set to perform at Rolling Loud [SATIRE]

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

Dirty Chico, 561 Renzo, and Yung ODub have just been announced as performers at Rolling Loud, a music festival centered around rap, in Bayfront Park, Miami. Martin Ribiero, Lorenzo Sostre, and Owen Kalinic are the people behind the artists. The students’ popularity blew up through the self publishing music app, Soundcloud and now they’re performing at one of South Florida’s biggest musical events of the season.

The group was a last minute edition as one of the original acts dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Terrick, the owner of Rolling Loud, contacted Lorenzo Sostre, better known as 561 Renzo, upon hearing his song with Martin Ribiero, as Dirty Chico “Two Times.” It was then that the organizer of Rolling Loud suggested they perform a set at the event.

Yung ODub aka Owen Kalinic will perform his own songs from his unreleased mixtape, giving his fans a sneak peek of his most anticipated work of art yet. ODub is giving nothing away for his Rolling Loud debut but he did admit to “having a few tricks up his sleeve.”

While the adoring crowds at his open mic nights know him as Yung Odub, according to Kalinic the journey to getting the right stage name was an arduous one. When he created his first Soundcloud, his name was “Odub.” The O for Owen and “Dub” for the start of the “W.” Unfortunately, his account got taken down because the music was just too fire, thus he reinvented his image as “Yung ODub” to appeal to a wider demographic.

Although he is going solo for this event, ODub is no stranger to collaborations as he and Dirty Chico previously released a song together.

“It was truly one of the biggest moments of my career, you know, to work with someone as great as him. That collaboration was what propelled me to stardom” said Yung ODub.

The biggest struggle he faced in his musical career has been remaining inconspicuous. Kalinic (Odub) notes that it’s really hard walking the halls of Boca High since students constantly ask him for autographs, but it’s the price he pays for his campus wide fame.

Dirty Chico has been writing and producing music since the summer of junior year recording at a homemade studio. He is currently back in the studio working on his second mixtape, Dirty Szn that will be released this summer. The tape includes seven songs heavily influenced by rappers such as Juicy J and ASAP Rocky.

As for the motivation behind his music, Ribiero or Dirty Chico said,“I love everyone who likes and listens to my music, that’s the reason I make it, for the fans to hear it.”

Additional upcoming projects for the dynamic duo include a collaboration with XXX- tentacion and WiFi’s Funeral along with a couple of other local artists. Sostre’s biggest inspiration is WiFi’s Funeral, a local rapper in Palm Beach that has made it big recently on the SoundCloud charts. However Sostre and Ribiero have acquired a decent fan base throughout the release of their songs. For Sostre, (561 Renzo) his most important supporter is his little brother.

“He’s always at every show, taking videos and pictures,” said Sostre. The two rappers usually perform at Rumbas Nightclub in West Palm Beach.

As a way to cope with the immense fame and pressure that comes with being an artist, Sostre or 561 Renzo  refers to the following advice: “Staying dedicated to continually making music because it is actually a long process but it’s worth it in the end.”

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