Teacher swap creates chaos [SATIRE]


Mrs. Gennaro rests her head after a long day teaching Geometry

Story by Emily Pravel, Copy Editor

On April 1st, Geometry teacher, Ms. Lent, and AICE US History teacher, Mrs. Gennaro, made a bet with each other that the other wouldn’t last longer than a day teaching their students. The bet took place on April 12th.

The reason for the bet was, “To prove that math is a foreign language to anyone other than those who teach it,” according to Mrs. Gennaro.

Mrs. Gennaro had to teach Ms. Lent’s Geometry class from periods 1-7 and follow the same schedules that Ms. Lent usually follows during class changes. However, Mrs. Gennaro didn’t have to follow the same teaching plan that Ms. Lent outlined. After first period Mrs. Gennaro had a mental breakdown because she couldn’t remember the lesson material and she couldn’t explain it to the students. For the rest of the day, Mrs. Gennaro had students who understood the lesson teach the class and explain it clearly to their peers.

After the lesson, she passed out the homework and rested her head on the desk as the students did their work quietly. During the silence, subtle hints of John Mayer was played in the background. Wishing to teach history again, Mrs. Gennaro would give a five-minute lesson before class ended on any questions on history that the class had or questions about the next grade level up. In the end, Mrs. Gennaro didn’t give up and powered her way to the end of the day admitting to not straying from the lesson plan.

“Period three was my favorite one because a very smart student helped teach the class,” said Mrs. Gennaro.

Ms. Lent taught the Holocaust class and AICE US History from periods 1-6. There was nowhere to walk, so she was in the stationary classroom until the 6th period when she was able to leave. She tried to follow the lesson plan in the first couple periods, but the fourth period tested her patience. So she had them spend the remaining time with their heads on their desk playing heads up seven up, just to make them stay quiet.

After lunch, Ms. Lent decided it was best if the remaining two periods were able to nap or go on their phones as long as they stayed quiet because the fourth period gave her a massive headache that caused her to lay down for a while. There was no noise allowed except whispers and inside voices, she expected “to hear a pin drop over everyone else.” But when teenagers are given freedoms, they take advantage of it to the fullest extent. Kids were leaving the room to go to the bathroom and coming back with different class’ homework. They were on a constant rollercoaster with the volume of their voices and working on each other’s homework.

Their bet ended in a draw between the two because the laid out lesson plans were barely followed at all, putting them behind another day. This activity only resulted in headaches by the time the day was over. Being a teacher for a different subject seemed difficult when the teaching style wasn’t known or the lesson that was being reviewed. However, they both learned that they have obnoxiously loud classes and should start bringing medicine to school for their headaches.


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