A day in the life of Y100 Miami’s host: Frankie P


Photo by Y100 Miami

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

For Y100 Miami’s night radio host, Frankie P radio broadcasting was never part of his future plans but now he connects with listeners across South Florida from Monday to Friday nights on Miami’s number one hit music station. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. He began his career by landing a job as a member of the promotion department at another radio station, simply because he needed a job after high school. Over time, he fell in love with the art after watching other people on air. In fact, Frankie P recalls spending practically every waking moment in the radio station, “bothering people to teach me all of the aspects of the job.”

His hard work has clearly paid off as he now interviews celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Florida, Diplo, Charlie Puth, G-Eazy, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix. He still remembers his first interview with Jason Derulo and the nerves he felt that day.

“He was extremely annoyed at me because I couldn’t get a question out for a good five minutes. I talk a lot now but during my first interview I could not get a word out,” he said. However, Frankie P isn’t fazed by star struck moments any longer as he has since gathered countless amounts of experience, interviewing artists backstage during music festivals such as Jingle Ball and Ultra.

Although he doesn’t overlook the fact that meeting celebrities is a perk of the job, for Frankie P one of the best opportunities as Y100’s host was raising awareness for Wings for Life. Wings for Life is a run that Redbull is involved with that takes place in Davie, FL. The event involves other countries as well where people from all around the world run to raise money for spinal cord injuries.  Frankie P had the chance to interview the face of the campaign, a girl named Kim Ocampo. She had moved to Miami to be a dancer, and had booked music videos with artists like Pitbull. She had been riding her bike to work one day, when she got hit by a car and was paralyzed from the waist down. Yet despite all this, Frankie P notes that Ocampo was one of the most optimistic and energetic people he had ever met.

“That was one of those moments where I was able to give back by helping get the word out, because with this job I’m not curing cancer. I’m not doing anything super special. The best I can do is help somebody that’s having a rough day, but anytime that I can use this platform to promote charity is really cool to me because my mom always taught me to give back,” he said.

When he isn’t interviewing celebrities and participating in fundraisers, he is in the Y100 Miami studio counting down the top songs of the week and talking to listeners. But he admits that the role of a DJ has changed as technology has advanced. Back in the day, DJ’s played songs utilizing carts which were little boxes with CDS in them. The setup involved many CD players and each button on the soundboard stood for a particular CD. A DJ’s job was limited to playing tracks off the discs and every once in awhile talking over a song while it was playing.Now thanks to computers, radio hosts can set up songs ahead of time and connect with listeners through social media.

“A DJ’s responsibility has changed. We’re now required to do social media, so now instead of just talking on the radio, we have to be up to date on everything social media wise. So if a crazy video comes out we have to be quick post about it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,” Frankie P said. Along with his social media networks, he keeps a blog for the Y100 Miami website, constantly updating the public on trending topics.

One way Frankie P stays ahead of the game is by informing himself on the latest entertainment news ranging from who Miley Cyrus is hanging out with to United Airlines’s most recent seating blunder.

“We do what’s called prep work so I like to look on Facebook or Instagram to see what everyone is talking about. Everyday there’s something different trending,“ he said. He works on finding ways to incorporate popular topics into the show.

While he recognizes the importance of prep work, his favorite part will always be interacting with listeners. This is due to the fact that he loves having conversations with people.  Y100 Miami’s reach across South Florida ranges around the thousands, yet he tries not to think about the extent of the six digit figure too much. He likens it to stage fright before a presentation in class but instead of classmates listening, its thousands of people listening in their cars.

Frankie P has been in the radio industry for over six years and he has accumulated his fair share of tips and tricks on radio broadcasting. Therefore, his advice for those looking to be in the radio industry is to get really involved. According to Frankie P, the best way to learn is to start working from all the way at the bottom of a radio station.

“Be on the promo team and learn every facet of the job. Ask questions. It gives you a good foundation to start. Those that don’t start from the bottom, don’t really appreciate the work it takes to get there. I’ll always think about the struggles I went through to get to this position, and I really do appreciate it and love it,” said Frankie P.

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