April Fools Recap

Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

April Fools this year was great, many people did hilarious pranks on their friends and family. Some of these pranks were so hilarious that you couldn’t stop laughing, so here are a couple to recap.

  1. Put fake insects inside a person’s lamp, to get them jumping with fear.
  2. Make an onion caramel drizzled fake apple by using an onion disguised as a delicious caramel apple.
  3. Replace the oreo creme with toothpaste, to give your friends a fun surprise to your friends when they take a bite.
  4. Make mento filled ice cubes so when your friend or family puts their ice cubes in their soda it will explode.
  5. Install an air horn as a door wall protector so when they open the door they can jump out of their skin.
  6. Saran Wrap on the door frame so it appears as nothing is there and then they are stopped by the see through Saran Wrap.

This year’s April Fools was a laughter filled day which was presented through some of the pranks previously mentioned. Even though it was great, next year’s April Fools will be even better.

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