5 Years In the Making


Story by Milan Magnusson, Staff Writer

The establishment of  a team that can meet the standards of the plethora of great teams in South Florida is in the making, as the development of Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami, or Inter Miami, progresses.


On  February 5, 2014, team owner, David Beckham confirmed that he was going to build a Major League Soccer team in Miami that would be “personal” for Miami, a city he sees vibrant and filled with passion.


About five years later, the team finally got its name and its foot in the door.


 In a press release Beckham said, “This is such a proud day for myself and for the entire team. We are taking another important step in establishing our club and today marks an important moment in the history of Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami.”


The important question is how the management is going to perform to expectations and create a winning environment designed for sustainable success.


That’s where Paul McDonough comes in. The man who completely transformed the former expansion team, Atlanta FC, into an absolute powerhouse that sat on the top of the MLS expectations in their second season. He will be in charge as “Sporting Director” to make decisions on what this team will look like in the near future.


One of the major hires is the new coach/manager, Diego Alonso, who is the only coach to have won the Concacaf Champions League Championship, a competition for the top soccer clubs in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean with two different clubs.


Alonso is of Uruguayan background, and was raised with the mentality of always fighting for what you want, which helped him develop the philosophy of “true dreamers never simply meet their dreams, they surpass them.” Something that illuminates this is when he was growing up, the Uruguyuans could not beat the soccer powerhouses of Brazil and Argentina. But today, Brazil has nine Copa América titles, Argentina has 14 and Uruguay has 15.


Uruguay is “Celeste ” soccer team became the owner of the most number of titles in 2011 having not won a final since 1995. With Uruguayan stars like Edison Cavani embracing the title, they feel that when the tag of being “favorites” is put on you, you need to embrace it.


But, what about the future of our players? Well, with the first pick in the 2020 MLS SuperDraft Inter Miami selected, Robbie Robinson, a forward out of Clemson University. Robinson won the MAC Hermann award as the top male collegiate player in the country and has the identity of a player who can play multiple positions.

Robinson expressed that he is ready for the opportunity to join Inter Miami and is excited to play under David Beckham.


Questions arise as to how Inter Miami is going to build itself as a winning team and to rise above expectations of other Miami teams. Rumors have been traveling around for months about what type of star or even superstar would fit well in South Beach.


Superstars like Sergio Agüero, Luka Modrić, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Zlatan Ibrahimović, who are players that fill stadiums and become the face of a franchise forever,  are players that fit the expectations to fit in with the Miami team. Someone like Ronaldo who has been rumored to want to finish the end of his career in the U.S. could want to continue building his CR7, a Nike brand Cristiano Ronaldo line, while being cherished by South Florida.


The first season will be a chance to see the direction this franchise takes.The team brings a chance to have another great team in South Florida and to experience MLS soccer in Miami. The advantage of being an expansion team is the opportunity to decide what its identity will be, which can be the city of stars or a team that is gritty and physical or maybe even both.