The Beginning of Bobcat Lacrosse Season

From January 27th-30th, both the girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams hosted tryouts for their 2020 season. With a district realignment that changed the competition, both teams are “hoping to put ourselves in the position to win our district this year,” said girls lacrosse coach, Richard Dugdale. 

While for the boys’ team, junior, Robert Samay, who’s been playing for over six years, explains how last year the varsity team went 10 and 6. This year the boys also have a new coach, Calder Alfano.

“He went to Duke for lacrosse so he knows what he’s talking about,” said Samay. 

 Coach Alfano is most looking forward to helping his students exceed their expectations. He believes the team’s biggest strength is their competitiveness.

“They are aggressive and push each other to get better daily.” Specifically, defense explains Samay. Last year, the boy’s team got to districts but unfortunately didn’t win, so this year their goal is to go back to districts and take the winning title.

As the boys have been working hard to reach their goals, the girls’ team has significantly improved in their performance from past years. 

“Developing better communication and stick skills along with a stronger bond”, says Dugdale. He believes that their biggest strength this year will be their ability to field a team with solid players in every position on the field. 

According to Dugdale, most girls public high school lacrosse teams build around a couple of the star players making them limited with the number of other skilled players.

 “We are very fortunate to have girls coming off our bench that would start on most of the other teams in our conference.  When it’s all said and done, we may have seven or more players that score thirty plus goals this year.” said Dugdale. 

While the season is just getting started, sophomore, attack player, Amalia Lauricella explains that for tryouts she prepared by playing with friends and having a personal trainer. 

“This is my first year playing for Boca High so I’m pretty excited to just play the game and get closer to my teammates,” said Lauricella.  

While many of the girls are excited about the new season and have built up their strength as a team, they still will be facing some struggles. 

“Our biggest competitor this year will be Douglas, they are well-coached and play hard. Most of their girls play year-round on travel teams, and other elite programs in the area” said Dugdale. Douglas will also be the biggest competition for the boys’ team according to Samay.

  By the end of the season both girls and boys, JV and varsity, will have significantly improved which is easily seen by teammates and the coaches. 

“I enjoy the end of the season the best. The girls’ skills shine, they seem to be more focused and confident in their abilities.Seeing the change from the first day of practice to the last game is pretty spectacular,” said Dugdale. 

While the season is just starting up, the girls’ and the boys’ team are ready to work hard and to defeat their biggest competitions to accomplish their highest goals. 


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