Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Boca

  1. True Food Kitchen

Located right inside our local Town Center Mall, True Food Kitchen holds the fifth place of the best vegan restaurants in Boca. While True Food is one of the newest restaurants that has been placed in Town Center, it is one of the most popular and is always full. The menu consists of not only meat and dairy meals but tons of vegan options. The variety of different foods makes this restaurant an easy choice for all groups of people. They always have a delicious and spicy vegan brunch option that changes for each season, along with the rest of their menu. The menu also consists of many types of dishes and bowls such as their teriyaki bowl, Korean noodles, and cauliflower polenta that can all get tofu added. Along with their bowls being some of their most popular orders, what makes this restaurant so delicious is their pizzas that are filled with veggies and can even be ordered with their vegan almond ricotta cheese. 


  1. Cinaholic

Craving something sweeter? Then Cinaholic is perfect for you and deserves its place as number four on the top vegan restaurants in Boca. Located off of Northwest 20th street, near some of Boca High’s favorites such Bubbleology and I heart Mac and Cheese. Cinaholic is filled with coffee, teas, and 100% vegan desserts. While Cinaholic sells some of the best tasting vegan cookies, cookie dough, and brownies, what makes them so good and famous is their huge selection of cinnamon buns. What makes this bakery so different is that you’re always building a cinnamon bun exactly the way you want. With 18 different frosting flavors such as cream cheese, cake batter, carmell along with over 20 toppings such as pie crumble and peanut butter cups, your cinnamon bun flavors are endless. 


  1. 4th Generation Market 

At number three, this organic market on Federal Highway is filled with many different vegan cooking alternates, but what makes them so good is their deli section. Filled with a menu of delicious vegan options, and a ready-made hot food section, including, their vegan mac and cheese. Their deli is filled with many tasty vegan choices such as a tofu scramble breakfast wrap, eggless egg salad, chicken-less chicken salad, and sandwiches such as tempeh Reuben. This whole market is filled with amazing vegan options from drinks, snacks, and frozen meals including ice cream sandwiches. If you’re looking for somewhere to do some meat and dairy-free shopping this is the place for you, and make sure you stop by for some lunch. 


  1. Parlour Bakery 

On Federal Highway, right next to 4th Generation, stands number two on this list, Parlour. An all-vegan bakery, Parlour is filled with all different types of salty and sweet baked goods. This bakery even has coffees, teas, frozen and other ready-made foods to take home. Their sweet baked goods include cupcakes, donuts, and blondes. On the other hand if you’re not in the mood for something sweet, they bake things such as empanadas and pizza rolls fresh. They even have things like enchiladas and salads ready to take home in their fridge. On Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-3 pm they sell their very popular and delicious vegan sandwiches which include their Cuban; Italian; and ham, cheese, and avocado. 


  1. Artichoke and vine 

Finally, at number one, Artichoke and Vine is off North Federal Highway and filled with 100% vegan appetizers, brunch foods, raw meals, and desserts. With over a 4.5-star rating on Yelp and Google, this cafe holds the title of the best vegan restaurant in Boca. The menu is filled with items such as vegan pizza (sold by the slice), crab cakes, raw pad thai, and an egg, bacon, and cheese bagel. The menu is filled with many different styles of cooking, allowing you to have a healthy Asian fusion dish or a guilty pleasure day filled with pizza and cheeseburgers, everything is definitely worth a try. 


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