Turning Covid Trick to a Treat


Turning Covid Trick to a Treat

 For many, Halloween is the holiday they look forward to the most. People love dressing up, giving out or receiving candy, and using this time to hang out with those closest to them. It’s a time for people’s creativity to shine and allow their alter egos to come out for one night. With Halloween around the corner and COVID-19 here to stay until the foreseeable future, the question of how Halloween can be celebrated this year is raised. After recovering from the disappointment that this year will not be what we have come to love and expect from this holiday, there are in fact a surprising number of ways to enjoy it, while maintaining safety and social distancing.  

Zoom has come to the rescue for many during these times, and Halloween is no different. Some great suggestions for connecting with friends and family while maintaining social distancing include dressing up and having a costume contest,  dressing up your pets and having a pet costume contest, having a bake-off sharing your recipes, and voting on the best decorated dessert creation.

If you live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, consider pre-bagging store wrapped candies and greeting the young trick or treaters via your Ring doorbell or similar device. 

If you are lucky enough to be social distancing with family, celebrate by staying in with them and turning on some good scary movies such as Annabelle, Hush, The Conjuring, or Lights Out. If you have younger siblings and might want to reduce the scare, then perhaps it is best to watch The Addams Family, Scoob, or Super Monsters Save Halloween.

If you are a risk taker, and believe that the dead are able to communicate with the living, what better night to conjure up spirits with a Ouija Board? Another game you might want to try, at your own risk, is “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” which was featured in the 90’s film The Craft. Instructions for both of these games, as well as many other scary Halloween games, can be found with a simple Google search.

Nothing about Covid should stop you from decorating your home, inside and out, to get you in the Halloween spirit. If you are short on money, or short on time, take a ride around your neighborhood and enjoy the decorations of your neighbors.

     Many people are disappointed this year that there is no “normal” way to celebrate Halloween, but there are many ways to make due, and have as much fun as possible. 

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