Soul; a heartfelt delight

Story by Justine Kantor, News Editor

Official release poster for Soul by Disney and Pixar

*Contains spoilers* 

One of Pixar’s newest movies, Soul, is a delight for not only children, but young adults as well.

The film was released on Disney+ in December 2020 and won the award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score at the Golden Globes at the end of February.

Soul tells the story of Joe Gardener, who has dreams of being a jazz musician, but struggles with the need to maintain a full time job as a middle school band teacher. When Joe is presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform with famous musician, Dorothea Williams, things suddenly go wrong when he falls into an open construction manhole and is sent to the “Great Beyond.” 

Joe is not ready to die, and adventure begins when he starts to mentor and prepare one of the unborn souls in the Great Beyond, Number 22, for life. 22 is a cynical soul who has been in the Great Beyond for many years. As the film develops, Joe realizes his unhappiness in life and begins to understand what he took for granted. He also struggles to help Number 22 find her purpose. 

While Soul follows a rather common plot seen in Pixar movies, it is very touching and definitely worth the watch. 

“I love the message about how to appreciate yourself, to be happy about all the little moments in your life and to truly appreciate the gift of life,” said sophomore Amelia Angove, “I also love the spirituality aspect of the movie.” 

The influence on the movie will leave any viewer contemplating their “purpose” and asking themselves deep questions about who they are. Soul is guaranteed to spark self-reflection.

“After watching Soul, I remember sitting still for a minute wondering to myself if I am enjoying the small things in life or taking everything for granted,” said sophomore Gracie Greenstein.

The writer and director of the film, Pete Docter, certainly has a very imaginative brain, which comes to life in the movie. The film portrays an entire new idea and system of an afterlife, and even a before-life, based on the soul. The idea is that passion and who you are meant to be starts and ends with the soul, and the body is just the carrier of this. 

Aside from the powerful plot, Soul is very much a feel-good movie, which makes it a great watch for children. 

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